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We specialise in advancing healthcare innovations through the critical mid-stage development phases. With our expertise in health economics, commercial advisory, evaluation, research, and development, we are the ideal partner for healthcare companies navigating their scaling potential. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your healthcare innovation evolves from a promising concept to a mature, effective, and market-ready product.

Discover how we support healthcare companies during these pivotal stages of development:

Health economics assessment

  • Refine cost-effectiveness analyses and budget impact assessments

  • Budget impact modelling based on data collection at pilot sites

  • Develop preliminary pricing and reimbursement strategies

  • Advise on the integration of health economics endpoints into studies



  • Refine market entry strategies and assess potential barriers to adoption

  • Perform in-depth market analysis and competitor benchmarking

  • Support product positioning, branding, and messaging development

  • Identify relevant grant/commercial funding opportunities and assist with applications.

  • Develop strategies for engaging with public and private payers

  • Support the negotiation of contracts with healthcare providers and payers

  • Prepare for potential product approval and adoption



  • Design and conduct real-world evaluations, such as impact assessments and pre/post-outcome evaluations

  • Develop and validate outcome measures

  • Assist in the collection and analysis of outcome data for regulatory/commissioning submissions

Research and development

  • Support the iterative development of the healthcare innovation based on feedback from early-stage testing

  • Advise on scaling up the technology for broader use

  • Facilitate collaborations with academic institutions and industry partners for joint research and development efforts

  • Develop communication strategies for engaging with healthcare providers, payers, and regulators

  • Build relationships with key opinion leaders and patient advocacy groups

  • Organise workshops and conferences to present preliminary results and gather feedback

Embark on your digital health journey with our expert guidance and take the first steps towards transforming healthcare for a better future. Let's collaborate and make your vision a reality.

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