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Commissioning and Operations

Our expertise in health economics, commercial advisory, evaluation, research, and development makes us the perfect partner for healthcare companies progressing through the advance stages of development. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your digital health solution not only reaches its full potential but also creates a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape.


Explore the ways in which we support healthcare corganisations during these advanced stages of development:

Health economics assessment

  • Conduct cost-effectiveness analyses

  • Perform budget impact analyses and full budget impact modelling

  • Develop pricing and reimbursement strategies

  • Support value-based contracting



  • Develop market entry strategies

  • Assess market potential and segmentation

  • Identify potential competitors and collaborators

  • Provide guidance on product positioning and branding



  • Design and conduct real-world effectiveness studies

  • Perform post-market surveillance

  • Monitor and evaluate long-term outcomes

  • Assess patient-reported outcomes and satisfaction


Research and development

  • Support the implementation of continuous improvements based on user feedback

  • Identify areas for product optimisation and enhancement

  • Provide guidance on regulatory requirements and compliance

  • Facilitate collaborations with academic institutions and industry partners

Embark on your digital health journey with our expert guidance and take the first steps towards transforming healthcare for a better future. Let's collaborate and make your vision a reality.

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