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Advisory and Consultancy

Our extensive advisory and consultancy support team provides a range of services to help healthcare startups and companies successfully bring their digital health products to market. Some of the services we offer include:


  1. Market analysis: Helping clients analyse the market landscape for their product, identifying potential competitors, target customers, and market trends.

  2. Business strategy: Helping clients develop a business strategy that aligns with their goals, including product positioning, pricing, and distribution channels.

  3. Intellectual property protection: Helping provide advice on intellectual property protection strategies, including patent and trademark applications.

  4. Funding support: We can help clients secure funding for their digital health products, including access to venture capital, grants, and crowdfunding.

  5. Marketing and sales support: Helping clients develop marketing and sales strategies, including digital marketing campaigns, content development, and sales enablement tools.

  6. Regulatory compliance: We can provide guidance on regulatory compliance requirements.

Overall, our digital health commercialisation support team aims to help clients navigate the complex process of bringing a digital health product to market, from concept development to commercialisation. Their goal is to ensure that clients can achieve commercial success and make a positive impact on healthcare.

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