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Case Study

Impact Assessment of Lighthouse Project

17 August 2021

Project Goals / Project Description 


Apollo Health Innovation was commissioned to conduct an independent impact evaluation of the Lighthouse Project, supported living accommodation for addicts seeking to maintain abstinence-based recovery in Plymouth, Devon. The evaluation was part of programme of work to identify and spread innovative place-based approaches that may improve the health and well-being of people disproportionately affected by COVID-19.


Project Flow / Approach


  1. Initial desk review and documentary analysis 

  2. Discussions with  the management team at the project to gain a deeper understanding of the service and its history

  3. Qualitative semi-structured interviews with residents and staff

  4. Quantitative service usage data provided by the PLP were analysed using standard descriptive statistical techniques. 

  5. Data analysis. Qualitative data were analysed using a rapid thematic approach.


Findings / Outcome


According to the qualitative analysis, residents are overwhelmingly positive and complimentary of the project. Among the most frequently mentioned components of the positive impact were maintaining abstinence, support, and socialization. At the same time, some residents highlighted areas that would improve the project such as staff's way of keeping the positive atmosphere in the house and conflict resolutions and the publicity of the project.




The findings brought a better understanding of the extent to which residing at a mutual aid recovery community can 1) reduce the health inequalities faced by individuals with addictions and 2) impact the short and long-term recovery outcomes of addicts who attend and go on to leave the project. Lighthouse Project managers received recommendations on further activities to maximize the positive impact for the residents. The process of reflecting on past achievements as part of this impact report has helped the PLP to structure future strategic ambitions in relation to the ongoing evaluation and quality improvement of the service. Finally, the conclusions drawn out of the findings will apply to the future experience in the second male and first female accommodations the project is planning to open in the coming years.


Client’s Review / Testimonials

More Information about the Lighthouse Project and South West Academic Health Science Network 

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