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Case Study

Impact Assessment of Quovita

17 August 2021

Project Goals / Project Description 


Apollo Health Innovations was commissioned to conduct an independent impact evaluation of Quovita, an organisation providing innovative care models supporting micro-providers delivering social care to residents in rural areas of the UK. The evaluation was a part of a programme of work to identify and spread innovative approaches that may improve the health and well-being of people disproportionately affected by COVID-19.


Project Flow / Approach


  1. Initial desk review and documentary analysis. 

  2. Meetings and discussions with the management team at Quovita to gain a better understanding of the services.

  3. Qualitative semi-structured interviews with service users and employed carers (micro-providers).

  4. A survey with free-text responses.

  5. Quantitative and qualitative analysis. All qualitative data was analysed using a rapid thematic approach.

  6. Report delivery.


Findings / Outcome


All service-users involved in the evaluation were satisfied with the care received by micro-providers and the support they get from Quovita. Among the key reasons for high-rating Quovita’s services were the continuity of care, person-centered care, professionalism and reliability. Micro-providers also reported positive impacts as a result of the Quovita model and support in terms of providing a decent salary, flexible schedule, and the conditions necessary for personal development. 




The findings brought Quovita insights on how to provide the proper conditions for both micro-providers and service users. As the organisation is developing a new platform to expand its service offering, the conclusions drawn out of the data analysis will help ensure that the micro-provider experience and vetting process can operate effectively and efficiently. The managers received recommendations on further activities to maximize the positive impact for the micro-providers and service users.


Client’s Review / Testimonials

More Information about Quovita and South West Academic Health Science Network 

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