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Evaluation of Your Healthy Pregnancy: Tommy’s

Updated: Jan 10

A mixed-methods approach to evaluate a web app raising awareness of healthy behaviours during pregnancy.

Apollo and our partner Thoughtful Content were commissioned by Tommy’s pregnancy charity to evaluate the Your Healthy Pregnancy, a responsive web app tool created to promote healthcare guidelines pertaining to a range of healthy behaviours relevant to pregnancy.


  1. Focused, semi-structured interviews

  2. Custom-designed survey of 203 web app users

  3. Analysis of data collected in the survey and interviews using a thematic analytical approach


Studies have shown that measuring behaviour change can be difficult, especially in the context of antenatal health behaviour, when women may feel greater pressure to report good health behaviours(1). Apollo and Thoughtful Content tackled this challenge by designing the survey and interview questions that captured the intention to change instead.


The survey and interviews brought to light findings in two main areas: lifestyle changes, including barriers to change, and feedback about the tool. The feedback on the Your Healthy Pregnancy tool was generally very positive, with 93% of participants agreeing that it was easy to use and 48% of respondents said that they learnt something new from the tool. The majority of the participants reported a high likelihood they would make changes based on the tools recommendations regarding lifestyle components, such as diet, caffeine intake, avoiding alcohol and illegal drugs, staying physically active, attending antenatal appointments and others.


The evaluation of Your Healthy Pregnancy has demonstrated the web app tool has a positive impact on knowledge of healthy pregnancy behaviours and the participants’ intentions to make lifestyle and other changes during pregnancy.

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"Tommy’s worked with Thoughtful Content and Apollo Health Innovations to evaluate one of our new digital tools to support pregnant people. They helped us produce a survey for users of the Healthy Pregnancy tool to help understand how effective the tool was in influencing positive health behaviour during pregnancy.

Anneliese (Thoughtful Content) and Seb (Apollo Health Innovations) were both easy to work with and brought a lot of experience to the project. They understood our objectives quickly and helped put together a comprehensive survey and questionnaire that could help us improve our support offering in the future, including the need for more personalised content. Anneliese also interviewed three people for us, where she managed to get a lot of helpful insight and honesty.

We’re really proud of this digital tool, and the evaluation that Thoughtful Content and Apollo Health Innovations produced showed how valuable it is for pregnant people. Thank you for helping us prove it!"

Sarah Siguin

Head of Pregnancy Information at Tommy's

(1) Crozier, S. R., Robinson, S. M., Borland, S. E., Godfrey, K. M., Cooper, C., Inskip, H. M., & SWS Study Group (2009). Do women change their health behaviours in pregnancy? Findings from the Southampton Women's Survey. Paediatric and perinatal epidemiology, 23(5), 446–453.

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