Impact Assessment of Lymphoma Action

Project Goals / Project Description This research was conducted in collaboration with Thoughtful Content & Research Your Way to help Lymphoma Action gain insight to achieving funding to develop digital services that will meet the needs of people with lymphoma experiencing health inequalities. The project focused on evidencing who and why is or is not accessing Lymphoma Action’s services, assessing the lymphoma communities’ needs, perceptions, and experiences, with a particular focus on health inequalities they may be experiencing and possible digital solutions. ​ Project Flow / Approach

  1. A rapid literature review was conducted to dive into the context and the relevant situation that people with lymphoma live in the UK.

  2. An online survey for people with lymphoma and their carers/family/friends.

  3. In-depth semi-structured interviews via telephone with people with lymphoma, carers and family members of people with lymphoma.

  4. Qualitative & quantitative data analysis. Data from the literature review was triangulated with data from the survey and interviews and analyzed using a thematic analytical approach.

  5. Collaborative report writing and delivery.