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South West start-ups benefit from Apollo Health Innovations mentoring scheme


Apollo Health Innovations, in collaboration with the University of Plymouth’s EPIC (eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly) project, successfully launched and executed a mentoring scheme for Cornish digital health start-ups. The goal of this partnership was to provide guidance and support to these SMEs in key areas of healthcare and digital innovation, helping them to navigate the complexities of the industry and drive their businesses forward.


The mentoring program was led by Apollo Health Innovations' Managing Director and Co-founder, Dr. Sebastian Stevens, and supported by a team of industry experts. The program focused on five core areas essential to the success of digital health start-ups:

  1. Demonstrating return on investment

  2. Gathering real-world evidence

  3. Selling digital health innovations to the NHS

  4. Start-up business strategies

  5. Inclusive patient engagement

From October 2022 to February 2023, Apollo and EPIC hosted a series of hybrid and online events, which laid the foundation for the mentoring scheme. SMEs participating in the events could access an additional 5 hours of individual support, receiving tailored guidance from industry mentors.


Apollo's mentors brought extensive experience in the healthcare industry and an understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. The team included:

  • Health Economist Dr. Simon Leigh

  • Research Director Dr. Rebecca Baines

  • Digital Health Entrepreneur Tim Webster

  • NHS Commissioner Sonya Mclean

  • Managing Director Dr Sebastian Stevens


Nine SMEs at various stages of development signed up for Apollo's support, and their founders expressed immense satisfaction with the expert advice they received from their mentors.

Rachael Malthouse, the founder of Spectrum Tailored Technologies, said, "Apollo's mentors have all been exceptionally enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and inspiring. Without their help and guidance, I would have struggled to make the well-informed decisions that have enabled me to move my business forward."

Shain Khoja, the founder of integrated care platform, also praised the guidance she received. "What was striking about EPIC’s support through Apollo was that the advisors are extremely experienced in the area of health tech, requirements for pilot proofing, and the contracting process within the NHS and social care sectors. Furthermore, they are individuals that have experienced the process first-hand. This expertise and insight have been extremely helpful in defining the next steps for"


The successful collaboration between Apollo Health Innovations and the University of Plymouth's EPIC project demonstrated the value of expert mentoring for digital health start-ups. By offering tailored guidance and support in essential areas of healthcare and digital innovation, Apollo's mentoring scheme played a crucial role in the growth and development of these SMEs, setting them on the path to success.

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