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 Qualitative & Quantitative Research 

  Need assistance on one aspect of your project? Need an entire research programme designed and delivered? At any stage of your research journey, Apollo is here to help.  

 Evaluation & Impact Assessment 

  A key part of any innovation design or implementation is evaluation - what impact are you having? For who? How and When? Apollo can help you evidence the viability, efficacy, feasibility and impact of your project.  

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 Social Network Analysis 

  We provide Social Network Analysis (SNA) services to map, measure and analyse the relationships and interactions between individuals, groups and organisations.  

 Networking & Introductions 

  Having the right networks and connections is vital. Apollo can evaluate your network needs, identify key stakeholders and opinion leaders (KOL's) and support your network growth.  

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 UX & Usability Research 

  Do users like your product? Is it easy to use? Is it being used as intended? Apollo can give you the answers.  

 Training & Consultancy 

  Drawing on the expertise of our multi-skilled team, Apollo can provide consultancy services and/or research training, carefully tailored to suit your individual needs.  

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