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"Anneliese (Thoughtful Content) and Seb (Apollo Health Innovations) were both easy to work with and brought a lot of experience to the project. They understood our objectives quickly and helped put together a comprehensive survey and questionnaire that could help us improve our support offering in the future, including the need for more personalised content. Anneliese also interviewed three people for us, where she managed to get a lot of helpful insight and honesty. ​ We’re really proud of this digital tool, and the evaluation that Thoughtful Content and Apollo Health Innovations produced showed how valuable it is for pregnant people. Thank you for helping us prove it!"

Sarah Siguine, Head of Pregnancy Information, Tommy's

"The Apollo team were fast, professional and effective.  Excellent service and invaluable support!"

Miles Sibley, Director, Patient Experience Library

"Communication was always excellent, and it was great having Seb in the building – his enthusiasm was infectious. It helped us remember that we were doing a lot right. The project has since gone from strength to strength. The report itself was a thorough reflection of what we do here, written in scientific language. We’d definitely recommend Apollo to other organisations."

Dominic Robinson, Manager, Plymouth Lighthouse Project

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All Hands In

Empowering Healthcare Transformation Through Expert Consultancy and Cutting-Edge Innovation


We guide healthcare innovations through the early stages of development. Find out more about our comprehensive approach ensures that your innovative ideas are transformed into viable, scalable, and impactful solutions.


The critical mid-stage development phases. FInd out more about our comprehensive approach ensures that your healthcare innovation evolves from a promising concept to a mature, effective, and market-ready product.

Commissioning and Operations

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your digital health solution not only reaches its full potential but also creates a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape. Find out more about how we can help late stage innovators with commissioning and operations.

Where we help

Apollo can help innovators and organisations at any stage of the innovation lifecycle, from feasibility and ideation right though to commissioning and operations. 

Apollo can support innovators and organisations at any stage in the innovation lifecycle and across the whole healthcare innovation ecosystem, from research and development through the health economics and real world evaluation.


Our team of health economists provide insights into the economic value of healthcare interventions, help stakeholders navigate complex healthcare systems and regulatory environments, and make evidence-based decisions about resource allocation and investment in healthcare.

Our research and development team provides a range of services aimed at helping healthcare businesses and organizations to develop new products, services, and technologies. These services can include market research, feasibility studies, product design and development, testing and evaluation, and project management.

Bespoke, tailored, real world evaluation delivered by an expert team to provide evidence-based recommendations that enable healthcare stakeholders to make informed decisions and improve the quality and outcomes of care.

Our healthcare innovation commercialisation support team helps clients navigate the complex process of bringing a healthcare innovation to market, from concept development to commercialisation. Our goal is to ensure that clients can achieve commercial success and make a positive impact on healthcare.

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